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Odif 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray

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Perfect for embroidery lovers !

Temporary 505 Spray Adhesive can be used for crafting, quilt basting, applique, and machine embroidery without a hoop. This high-tack adhesive removes the need for pinning! 505 Spray is odorless, colorless, and won't gum up the needle. The adhesive evaporates when the fabric is handled and disappears when washed, leaving no residue behind. It is acid-free, solvent-free, VOC compliant, and has no CFCs. Always shake the can well before each use and hold approximately 10" away from what you spray.

For embroidery, place the stabilizer in the hoop, spray 505 on the stabilizer, and then adhere to your fabric or garment without hooping. This method prevents hoop burn on the material. When quilting/patchwork, spray the 505 directly onto the batting, position your quilt top, and then turn your patchwork over, spray again, and place your backing fabric.

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