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Brother PR680WC Embroidery Machine

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Packed full of easy-to-use features the Professional PR680WC 6-Needle Embroidery machine is the first-choice machine for those wishing to go pro.

There’s a perfect pattern for every perfect order with the 763 built-in embroidery designs, 3 monogramming fonts and 50 built-in lettering fonts. Stitch out the built-in designs as they are, or express your creativity with the design editing features.

Customise fonts by adjusting the spacing, colour shuffling, or changing the thread density to improve the look of stitching. Add an instant pattern outline with the appliqué feature and reduce editing time with colour grouping.

Save time and mistakes with the built-in stitch simulator, automatic colour stitch sequence, basting stitch outline feature and smart stitch management. The PR680WC will also automatically resume the embroidery design at the exact stitch when the machine either stopped or lost power.

With the largest crosshair pointer on the market, you can see exactly where your needles will drop, ensuring perfect pattern placement every time. Easily position jobs faster and more accurately. Nine points can be set: centre, four corners and four middles.

We’ve upgraded the upper thread tension dials and expanded the thread tension range to give you ultimate control in fine tension settings. You’ll see less puckering on lighter fabrics like satin and organza.

Key Features

  • Large 26cm built-in HD LCD touchscreen display
  • 300 x 200 mm embroidery area
  • Large crosshair LED needle drop precision pointer for perfect positioning
  • 6 needles, each with their own customisable settings
  • Automatic colour change, needle threader and thread trimmer
  • Choose from 102 embroidery patterns, 50 utility stitches, 3 monogram fonts, 611 decorative alphabet patterns, 10 buttonholes in 3 sizes and 140 frame pattern combinations
  • Industrial acceleration – complete your projects faster
  • Up to 1000 spm variable embroidery speed
  • Wireless LAN connectivity – connect up to 10 machines with optional PE-Design 11 software
  • My Stitch Monitor mobile app
  • 25 built-in video tutorials so you can learn as you go


What’s in the Box?

The PR680WC Embroidery Machine ships with the following:

    • Accessory case
    • Needle set × 2
    • Pre-wound bobbin × 6
    • Spool net × 6
    • Seam ripper
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Touch pen
    • Needle changing tool (Threader)
    • Needle plate cover
    • Spacer (on machine)
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Standard screwdriver
    • Allen screwdriver
    • 3-way screwdriver
    • Wrench 13 mm × 10 mm
    • Wide cap frame kit (115DO2E7004)
    • Oiler
    • Cleaning brush
    • Weight (L)
    • Spool mat × 6
    • Spool cap × 6
    • USB cable
    • Embroidery frame (extra-large) 300 mm (W) × 200 mm (H)
    • Embroidery frame (large) 180 mm (W) × 130 mm (H)
    • Embroidery frame (medium) 100 mm (W) × 100 mm (H)
    • Embroidery frame (small) 60 mm (W) × 40 mm (H)
    • Embroidery sheet (extra-large) 300 mm (W) × 200 mm (H)
    • Embroidery sheet (large) 180 mm (W) × 130 mm (H)
    • Embroidery sheet (medium) 100 mm (W) × 100 mm (H)
    • Embroidery sheet (small) 60 mm (W) × 40 mm (H)
    • Embroidery frame holder A
    • Embroidery frame holder B
    • Power cord
    • Bobbin case (on machine)
    • Bobbin Winder
    • Operation Manual
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Embroidery Design Guide

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